Our Prime Whole Beef Cuts

Portion control steaks

Top performance combined with simplicity, Flesk Meats & Food Service uses a state of the art laser portioning machine which uses a servo knife motor and a laser vision system to maintain very high accuracy – and still provide considerably more cuts, namely 1000-2000 portions/minute than hand cutting.  The meat is scanned for size and volume by 3 laser cameras. This information is then sent to a computer which controls the speed and accuracy of the blade thus ensuring your portion size remains consistent.

Pre-Portioned T-Bone Steak

We hang each loin of beef for a minimum of 21 days to achieve maximum tenderness. Each loin is then cut into succulent T-bone steaks to the customer`s requirement. All size steaks are available from 8 oz to 20 oz.

Pre-Portioned Fillet Steak

Flesk Meats & Food Service offer fillet steaks pre-portioned to the customer`s requirements. Each full fillet is trimmed to remove all external fat and then cut to exact weight in our state of the art laser portioning machine.

Pre-Portioned Striploin Steak

This is by far the most popular steak cut in the Irish catering sector. The Striploin comes from a muscle that does little work so offering great flavour and tenderness. Flesk Meats & Food Service offer Striploin steaks pre-portioned to the customer’s requirements.

Pre-Portioned Ribeye Steak

Cut from our exceptional prime ribs, our pre-portioned ribeye steaks are distinguished by the rich marbling that runs through each steak. It is this marbling that slowly melts and bastes the meat throughout the cooking process, imparting a mellow prime rib flavour.

Advantage of Portion Control Steaks

  • Cost Control – Know your portion price in advance so you can control cost with every serving
  • Optimize Customer Satisfaction – Our steaks offer optimal taste and flavour through uniform and consistent quality
  • Minimize Storage Space – We offer custom packaging options that minimize storage space needed
  • Reduced Spoilage – Flesk Meats & Food Service offers extended shelf life capabilities in both fresh and frozen formats to reduce spoilage
  • Trouble-Free Stock-Take – Custom cut steaks and chops come in easy-to-count portions, packages and cases for trouble-free stock take
  • Easy to Use – Eliminate preparation time and mess from cutting with easy-to-use Flesk Meats & Food Service products, which save you labour and food cost
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