Flesk Meats & Food Service are pleased to offer a new range of high quality seafoods to our customers. Gently frozen for a longer shelf life, we offer a wide range of products from high quality crab claws and prawns to fish fingers. If you are catering for a function why not conveniently order your “Beef” and “Salmon” together from Flesk Meats & Food Service!

Plaice Fillets

10kg Case

Cod Fillets IQF Skinless

4.54kg Case

Breaded Cod Gougons

5 X 1kg Case

Smoked Coley Large

6.3 Kg Case

Crab Claws Single Pincer

20 X 454 Gram

Smoked Haddock & Onion Fish Cake

Case Of 25

Salmon Lemon & Dill Fishcake

Case Of 25

Fish Fingers – 25 Grammes

Case 0f 120

Hot Smoked Mackerel 100-150 Grammes

3.2kg Case

Peppered Smoked Mackerel 100-150 Gr

3.2kg Case

Monkfish Fillets 200-400 Grammes

5 Kg Case

Pangasius Fillets 7/9oz

4.54 Kg Case

Coldwater Prawns Cooked & Peeled

4x 2.5 Kg Case

King Prawn In Filo Pastry 21/25

6 X 1kg Case

King Prawn In Tempura Batter 21-25

6 X 1kg Case


Tiger Prawn Peeled Deveined 16/20

10 X 1kg Case

Smoked Salmon Side Sliced

10 X 1 Kg Case

King Scallops 8/12

10 X 1kg Case

Sea Bass Fillets 140-180 Gr

5 Kg Case

Battered Cod 6-7oz

Seafood Cocktail Mix

10 X 1kg Case

Salmon Darnes (Skinless) 7-8 Oz

Case Of 20

Lemon Sole Fillets 4/5 Oz

4.54 Kg Case

Squid Tubes U5

10 X 1kg Case

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